Monday, 5 December 2011

How do you...........................?

Hello people, How was your weekend? Trust you guys had it well.
I dont know why but i am feeling like today is friday! Can you imagine? On a monday i am feeling like its a friday. Well, that goes to show that i have wound down for the year (sub-consciously). I just dey mark time dey wait for holiday to start.

I want you guys to help me out with some answers. The game can be summarized as 'How do you'?

Here goes:
  1. How do you tell that really pleasant girl that she has bad breath without hurting her feelings?
  2. How do you tell one of your male colleagues that he has body odour without hurting his feelings?
  3. How do you get back on track when a mighty belch just escapes you in the board room as you are about closing that your powerful presentation?
  4. How do you tell your boss that he has just lied without coming off as rude and risking getting fired?
  5. How do you tackle that chicken in your plate down to the bone without coming off as a hungry fellow?
  6. How do you dispel the smell of fart that jumped right out of you (silently) while you were in your colleagues air-conditioned car?
  7. How do you tell that new 'toaster' that you are sick of meeting stingy guys and that you hope he will be more generous without coming off as being materialistic? (and dont you even begin to tell me that that does not matter!)
  8. How do you tell that new boyfriend that passionate kissing does not mean he has to fill ur throat with his tongue (having you fight for breath) without making him feel inadequate?!
  9. How do you say 'You are a cunning bastard!' to that cunny bastard of a colleague who awaits every opportunity to drag you down and shine?
  10. How do you say 'Stop staring at my boobs' to that boss whose eye level never goes above your chest when he is talking to/with you?

So lets see how far you guys can help answer some questions of national importance


  1. hehehe@questions of national importance. well:#1, each time i c her, i'll pop a minty sweet and offer her too, then add that it keeps d mouth fresh. #2, buy him Gillette roll-on (& add somthing else so it's not too obvious) as xmas present den hope and pray he uses it. #3, OYO hehehe. #4, go, hmn, i don't remember 'that' but i remember 'this'
    #5,i have a friend that wraps it in tin foil and puts in her bag to 'demolish' in her natural habitat #nojokes
    #7 lol.. Dont u just hate #9s. mshew

  2. LMAOO...even ROTFLMAO @ Toinlicious' response!

  3. Hahahaha @ Toinlicious, u no go kill person. No be small 'demolish in her natural habitat' I dig that ya friend jare!

    @ Honeydame, are you out of the 'limited-internet-association' zone? Glad to have you back. You no go give your own answer? Uncle GEJ dey share motor to those that answer these questions of grave national importance ooo. Anyway, Toin fit give you life when she collect her own motor

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  5. LOl, I bin steal internet from the hotel dem put us ni...
    I dont think Toin will give me lift, she will instead give all those her toasters....mccheewww....

  6. I had a really good laugh after reading this. Laughed some more @ Toinlicious' response. I don't know what i would do oooooo. I will just sit back and read people's response and learn from them. :-D

  7. Toinliciuos sure has some good answers, lol...

    Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.

  8. Oga..o!!! these matters are extremely serious. for numbers 1 & 2, am not good at confrontations...i know myself, i'll just be condoning it till one day when i can't take it anymore, i'll just yell out 'YOU HAVE BODY/MOUTH ODOUR'...yeah, i know that's TOINLICIOUS GAVE A SMART ANSWER)
    NUMBER 3:I always say 'excuse me' or 'sorry about that' when a belch escapes me.
    NUMBER 4: I have this 'eyeing' i give my boss when he's annoying me, maybe that will work
    Number 5:lol
    Number 6: Just open a hole and bury oneself alive...hahaha
    Number 7: Speak in parables always to the guy, dig out a dictionary or google every parable that talks about cheerful giving and profess
    Numbers 8, 9, 10....will think about

  9. LOL @ Eyesoftruth! Really smart answers. Waiting for your part 2 which will comprise of answers to 8,9 & 10.

    @ Che and Myne we are still waiting for you guys oo (Honeydame as well) No room for artful dodging! LOL

  10. @Honeydame, alakoba ma ni babe yii ke. lift bawo? kin tun funwon ni lift?? abeg o! God forbid lift to those toasters *snapping my fingers over my head lol. But u know you're my personal person so no worries. i'll give u lift a thousand times over.

    @Eyes of truth, i agree with ur #7 o. Maybe make "give, and it will come back to you" ur fav song or somthing lol


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