Friday, 27 April 2012

Blackberry Breakup (bb don land person for trouble oo)

A good friend of mine is about to break up with his girlfriend.
Not news right? Break ups happen everyday. Yeah. True but this circumstance is quite funny or quite silly - depending on where you are standing.

My friend has been going out with this girl for like a year now. Its been great till she made him buy her a bb bold 2 as christmas present. The nightmare started. The discussions between them started becoming thinner and thinner with the girl even pinging him when they are together in the house! She loves that bb like a baby and guards it as such. Lately, she has started living a bit larger than what my friend is used to (he has been the one having to give her money and buy her stuff cos she works in a place where she gets paid very little) She doesnt ask him for money as she used to anymore but still maintains (even superceeds) the standard where my friend has placed her.
When asked where she gets the money she automatically goes defensive - are u suspecting me of cheating on u or what? My friend wants out but is looking for a concrete reason.
She gave it to him 2 weeks ago.
My friend recieved a ping from her late one night and the ping read something like "yes oo, me too. really enjoyed it. Didnt know i could come (orgasm) in the 1st round of making love. It used to take me so long to, or not at all sef *insert blush look* Thanks to you, i can now experience what i have been missing"
(would have inserted the chat here but my friend deleted it after he showed it to me cos he said he doesnt want to see it again)
My guy almost passed out.
He buzzed her with "??????". No response from her. The next morning, very early, she came to his house to say that she woke up this morning to realize that her sister was using her fone to ping her boyfriend and that at a point she (the sister) mistakenly sent one of the chats to him (my friend)
My friend is having none of it. He doesnt believe her story and has told her so. He says it is over between them but she is having none of it. She has told everyone she can possibly tell - my friend's mum, his friends, his elder sister. She says its a huge misunderstanding.
Thing is my friend KNOWS it was she that typed that to send to someone and it was she who mistakenly sent it to him. For him, im no dey do again.

This na correct PP! (Pinging palava)

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  1. bold 2 (rolls eyes)
    anyways its possible that her sister was using the phone na! it sounds like they have trust issues between them. How does he know for sure?????

    anyways they should just break up abeg!
    cuz if its true on her part she doesn't need a distrustful boyfriend

    and if it is true on his part he doesn't need a cheat and a liar of a girlfriend

    so it is a lose lose situation

  2. LOL @ pinging palaver

    It is possible that she's telling the truth (though i'm not really buyin it- not that it matters what i think lol) but if he wants out he should just go. If he's sitting around waiting for a reason to break-up already, he's going to find one eventually whether its real or contrived.

  3. hmmmnnn, its kinda obvious d girl is lying. ur friend should move on already.
    wetin BB go cause en.......

  4. This is serious PP! The whole situation is just very bleh. I agree with LadyNgo tho.

  5. A part of me is wanting to believe the girl but what do u make of the loose money she gets these days and the way she flings into a defence when she is asked about it? "free conscience fears no accusation" abi so why she dey behave like say she no get free conscience. Anyhow, i've told the guy to take a walk cos it doesnt make a sense for both of them to keep deceiving themselves when they both know it aint going nowhere!

  6. Hian!! Na wah for the babe if she really sent that.....Anyways, looks like the guy stopped feeling the relationship a long while ago so he should just end it and parties should move on

  7. I don't know how BBs work but can u use another person's phone to ping your contact? Isnt the BBM supposed to be like a personal thing to a particular pin?

  8. No be small BB wahala. LOL. The guy has been looking for any excuse to call it quits with her and this happens to be one of such excuses. They should just go their separate ways jare and spare everyone the long drama.

  9. If she isn't lying then the Devil could as well give tickets to Heaven. Dude should move on to the next one

  10. it could be the sister oh....what if na bad belle people sef? ehn?

  11. lol @ ping palava. its obvious she's lying jor what kind of cork and bull story is that? if the sister wants to talk to her bf why bf no buy her bb why does he have to be on her list for him to be able to talk to his gf.abegi na lie jor lets call a spade a spade shun


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