Tuesday 12 March 2013

Pick up da phone!

How you ever being in a situation where you are desperate to get in touch with someone and u call and call the person's mobile phone and the person just does not pick!

Neither does he/she return the call, or text back to say "will call u back"

Anyone knows how frustrating that can be????

Unfortunately, i have more than a couple of people who have this very annoying habit!

Even if you aren't disposed (to pick the call) at the time the call comes in to your phone, and you dont have airtime to return the call at a later time, when a particular number calls you more than 5 times in a day, you are under obligation to find out why the person is calling! Especially when you know the person calling isn't calling to tell u she is pregnant and you are responsible or that you are owing he/she money or something like that.

A call u refuse to pick up could just hold some good news for you, or save you some sorrow.

Another very annoying one is pinging  someone (via bbm) with a very important question and u see the tick, then the 'D' then the 'R' and the person just does not respond! Chei! i could speak in tongues in annoyance!

Its particularly upsetting when the person being called is a business person who you are in business with!

Let me stop here cos i am already foaming at the mouth in annoyance just thinking about it!

Please oo, when is this year's rainy season starting in Lagos? This heat can impregnate someone ooo. Ah Ah, wetin?

Its so bad that people actually wrote a letter to Mr Sun, it goes -

Dear Sun,

Good afternoon. There is no contest, it's not a competition. You're still the hottest. Nobody dey drag am with you.

Please stop showing off!

Roasted Nigerian

That's how hot it has been. Ac's are struggling to live up to their names, fans have long lost the battle and have resigned to blowing hot air. Its not being funny at all!

Anyway, hope you guys had a great day.

take care of you and yours.



  1. I can be guilty of this sometimes, but I thnk I'm getting better.

    As for the sun, send some of it over here :)

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