Friday 28 October 2011

Diamond and Gold dispensing ATM!!!

Mehn, i just had to write about this!

Just imagine what it will be like if we had an ATM machine that instead of dispensing cash, actually churns out diamond jewellery, gold bars and silver bars! Yeah. I am not dreaming.
Bollywood actress Raima Sen poses with an example of what can come out of India's new diamond- and gold-dispensing ATM machine during its unveiling in Mumbai on October 22, 2011.
(Credit: Getty Images)

The Gitanjali Group of India - self-described as the "world's largest integrated conglomerate of diamonds, jewelry and lifestyle brands" - seems intent on proving that the ever-growing class of wealthy Indians also have an insatiable appetite for outlandish luxury goods. Over the weekend, they unveiled what is most likely the world's first diamond- and gold-dispensing ATM in Mumbai.

The diamond ATM machine in India, according to its developers, is "designed like an ATM, the machine however will dispense gold and silver bars coins, pendants with religious motifs; as well as a range of diamond studded jewellery, making it the first of its kind anywhere in the world. High on convenience, this new retailing format will be ideally suited for last minute purchases on auspicious occasions and for gifting, providing instant gratification to the purchaser."
The company claims there will be dozens of options for purchase using your debit or credit cards, as well as cash. Although details are vague, Gitanjali has announced plans for several more machines in "places with high consumer footfalls"
If the gold- and diamond-dispensing machines show success in Asia, it is safe to assume they will spread the world-over before long.

Ol boy eh! If that ATM dares touch ground for naija, na im be say dem also need to invent cream wey go make the person wey wan use am invisible. So that when the person finish, area boys no go carry im and im gold dey go house! lol

Get pregnant before we get married!!!

"I always feel like pouring hot water on ladies who belittle themselves so much to the level where men now tell them to take in first if they want marriage. Their God given senses shpould tell them that the man has no love for you. What that simply means is this; no love without children. This is very wrong and i think it is spreding and becoming acceptable and becoming acceptable even by our elders who should be correcting us". 

The above was a quote from a write up i read sometime ago. I have actually heard of men who insist that their fiances get pregnant before they proceed with wedding plans and i ask myself 'what the f***'! How could they do that? That probably means that they want to ascertain the woman's ability to bear children before they walk down the aisle with them. That  now brings me to a BIG question - "WHAT EXACTLY IS THE ESSENSE OF MARRIAGE?"

I had this arguement with a guy that wanted to hire me some years ago (believe it or not, i was talking about marriage and the essense of marriage in a job interview!!!) The man - an elderly, respectable looking man - asked me what i thought the aim of marriage was. I told him what i thought - i thought marriage was a legal reason for 2 best friends to live and grow together, a union between people that want to spend their lives together, based on friendship which leads to children. He then asked me 'so you think marriage isnt solely for procreation'? I said NO. IMO, marriage should not be based solely on making kids. The man disagreed vehemently, telling me i was thinking and talking like a child and that when i grow up i will know. I was a grown ass woman then already so i dont know what he was talking about (me being a kid). He said the ONLY reason people marry is to make babies and that if that wasnt in the picture, then there wouldnt be any need to marry. We argued a little bit before his secretary signalled me to just accept his oppinion as this conversation wouldnt end if i dont. I dont know if that was the reason i didnt get the job cos after that, i didnt hear from the man again.

That is a man who is probably a grand father, having that point of view. THAT kind of man will ask his fiance to take in first before the get married.

A friend of mine once told me of one of her friends who had this guy that wanted to marry her. The guy had told her plans would only commence after she is confirmed pregnant. So before the make love, they will both kneel down and pray that the girl concieves!!!!! (pray before you fornicate??? Isnt that like calling the house owner to watch you while you rob his house???)

Maybe, guys just want to make sure the girl is fertile forgetting that they could be infertile as well.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It isnt right for anyone to subject any other to pressure of getting pregnant. It just isnt fair. This is the intended husband. What, then, do u expect the lady to go through at the hands of the intended inlaws (or inlaws after they are married)

It just dosent make sense to me. Does it make sense to you???

My day of the week, yayyyyyy.


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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Jet age. Where exactly are we flying to?

I remember when we were very young, When TV used to start transmission at 4pm - starting with the 'shhhhhhhh', then the coloured lines, then the national anthem, then the program line up read out by a tired looking presenter and ends transmission at 11.30pm. When we used to rush home to watch 'Tales by moonlight', 'fraggle rock', 'ovid video', Sesame street etc. When we used to play in the sand, building sand castles when it  rains. When respect from a kid to an elder was mandatory. God help you, you see an elder and dont greet, the 'konk' u get on ur head will tell u the full story! When you dare not 'put ur mouth' when ur parents are talking with their friends. Try it and recieve icy stares from all parties that will send u scampering to safety! When we used to dance 'running man' and 'scissors' and 'butterfly' steps- dance steps that required one to keep ones body and bodily parts to oneself while trying not to punch the other in the face. When kids knew bad things (yes we did) but were terrified of making it known that they know.

Fast forward to now

TV broadcast is 24/7, Kids dont really watch cartoons now cos its 'boring' (thats according to them), its now one teenage series or the other - Hannah montana and the rest. They could manage the animations like shrek, ice age etc but that has to be on dvd or from a computer system. Respect?? You are on ur own. Kids these days lack it! Most anyway cos i know there are still good kids out there. I have a cousin who looked his grandma in the face and said 'fuck u' and his mum just laughed and said 'he is just a kid'!!! (he was about 4-5 at the time). Kids these days see u and stare into ur eyes, probably waiting for u to say 'good morning' to them. Parents and friends having a conversation is free for all 'oppinion-sharing' in some families. The kids just contribute as they like, not minding that they werent invited to the gist. See dancing moves in parties, chei, it is short of making out! Girls roll their waists sometimes into the groin area of the boys with the boys holding the girls' asses in their hands and flowing to the rhythm! Yes i have seen that happen (on video) and the adults were laughing and having fun. Dressing nko? Let us leave that side for now.

I then ask myself, what is the problem???

Is it that we are scared of training our children well, so as not to offend them? Are we taking this 'liberalism' too far? We are in the new millenium so we should let them train themselves??? Its just sad to see the SPEEDY downward spiral our kids are on. I hear the kid of things some kids do these days and i just shake my head. It all boils back to home training. It isnt all about how intelligent the child is, how well he/she is doing at school. Abeg, Biko, Ejoor, (dont know the hausa version), let us try to teach these leaders of tomorrow. They wouldnt bite us if we try. They are our future

My day was FULL of challenges, one work crisis after the other. It wasnt funny. Somehow, i find peace and sanity here and so here i am.
Hope you all had it better.

You take care. Ciao

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Time and tide changes us.

 Superficial individuals. Do you know any? People that think and talk shallow. They never look beneath what lies on the surface. Try having a conversation with one - TORTURE! All they talk about is 'what she was wearing', 'what she bought', 'how she looks' etc. They never (rarely) stop to actually try to figure out what substance the person is actually made of, what motivates him/her, what is not seen, what is left unsaid.
My days in the uni, There was this girl in my dept. She was in the league you could call 'big babes'. She wore the latest designs, used the latest perfumes, travelled up and down the country (doing God knows what) and was generally living large. She always judged people by what they wore. If she saw you at school, and said hi to you, that means you were dressed in a manner she finds acceptable. If she feels you were not looking up to her standards, she will so totally shun you no  matter who was around or where you guys where! She even used to do it to her very own sister (who didnt approve of her lifestyle)! Try having an intelligent conversation with her, you are so on ur own. If u guys talk more than 5mins, just be rest assured that the gist has gotten to shoes, bags and clothes. She  never seemed to understand the concept of saving money. Anyone more judgemental than this girl was yet to be created. Talk about reading or classwork, you are so on ur own! I have no idea (or rather, i dont want to have an idea) how she graduated. Dare tell her something someone did wrong, she is mortal enemies with the person. She will still  bear the grudge with that person LOOOONG after you (who was offended) have forgiven the person and moved on.
I saw her on FBrecently, after a very long time. She looks good, still flashy and all but had a more conservative air about her. I wondered if she still had that attitude of yester years. I dont think she will anymore, not with the way one has to work to get a certificate in the states (where she lives now) Heard she is studying to become a nurse!!! Mehn, how life changes people. I guess no be person tell am say life no be 'jangorova' (Swing. For you wondering what jangorova means. i am bush, i know. lol)
Just goes to show that time and tide has the ability to change people. For the better or for the worse is story for another day.
Hope your week is going on fine.
You'all take care.

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Friday 21 October 2011

Does pimples actually have a cure?

I went over to an interesting blog i just found out, naijabankgirl . she had just gotten the Stylish and Versatile Blog Award and had to say some things about herself. One of the 7 things she said was that she had had to battle pimples for a long time. I could relate so well with this!
I didnt start having pimples when my mates where having theirs - between the ages of 13 and 18. My pimple breakout started after i should have gotten past the adolescence stage! I started having the tiny annoying stuffs when i was almost 20yrs. My friends used to taunt me that i was having late adolescence. It was so very annoying. It made me so self conscious. You can imagine just meeting this real cute boy, hanging out with him for about 2days and on the 3rd day u wake up to find about 7 boil-like looking stuffs on your face with whitish thing like pus. Mehn!!! I used to feel so bad. I tried everything - Nixoderm, one funny smelling sulphur cream (have forgetten the name), cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, facial wash, different soaps, even tetmosol soap (tetmosol used to be so hot that if u bath with it as a woman, u had to be careful it dosent get into 'you-know-where', else u will dance alanta for the next like 1hour while exposing the affected 'area' to fan, AC and other cooling devices!!!)
Well, i did all the 'normal' stuff and even ventured into the 'not-so-normal' ones ; akanwu (potash) mixed with lime (that burnt the crap out of my face!), rubbing honey on my face (i killed an ant on my face that night and didnt try it again). Then the advises started coming in - 'Use early morning urine to was your face' (yuk), 'Rub close-up on your face and wash it after 1hr'. I didnt pay heed to any of these obsene advices sha. The height of the advises was 'Rub sperm on you face and ur pimples will be a thing of the past'!!! SPERM as in human male reproductive liquid SPERM!!! I almost slapped the silly girl's face. I just looked at her and walked away as calmly as i could muster, but not before i told her to help me tell her boyfriend to get me the sperm to use.(shio kelebe)
I sincerely think that pimples is a phase that will pass. Maybe a reaction to something or an imbalance somewhere. All i know for sure is that some how, i managed not to care what the pimples on my face were up to and then one day, i saw my face in the mirror and couldnt believe it. they had cleared! I still have occasional breakouts but nothing major.
Just try not to eat lots of oily stuff, wash ur face at night with mild soap- make sure u remove every makeup and oily stuff. In as much as the temptation is great, try not to burst the pimples on ur face ans this will now leave a scar as it heals. leave the rest. One day, the pimples them go tire to waka up and down ur face. If u no send them,dem go go find another person to take hostage, leave u. So babes, do not bother, if i can NOT have pimple issues now - YOU CAN

Lalalalala, it is friday!! My best day of the week. I am so so glad.

You all take care. XOXO


Tuesday 18 October 2011

Would u want to be 'found' at all times?

I mean, would you let your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend install a 'location finder' software on your phone? For him/her to have ur location a click away.
I wouldnt want that, honestly. Not like there is anything to hide but i dont just think it is natural or healthy for one to monitor the other that way. I mean, the whole bane of friendships and relationships is acceptance,trust,giving the other the benefit of doubt. Where does all these go to when we sit back and follow the dot (that is the person) around? I know that when asked where we are, we shouldnt lie about it (cos for you to lie means u are doing something u know will hurt the other person so why do it?) Sincerity is key.

I read this on yahoo -

When Apple released its new iOS 5 operating system to go with its iPhone 4S, it touted a new app called "Find My Friends" as a great way to track and meet up with friends. If they agree, you can see their locations on a map on your screen.
But the app's enterprising customers are apparently already finding other uses. If the online posts appearing on a chat forum at are for real, "Find My Friends" may have already claimed its first marriage.
Saturday night on MacRumors, a man saying he lived in New York City posted this:
"Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends.
"I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I've had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.
"I just texted her asking where she was and the dumb b---- said she was on 10th Street!! Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [sic] going to play well when I meet her ... at the lawyer's office in a few weeks.
"thankfully, she's the rich one."

Was this man supposed to have done a thing like that? Well, he might be excused since he says he has had his suspicious of her. he probably was waiting to authenticate his suspicious so he can have an excuse to get the hell out of the marriage. Well, he bought himself and excuse.

This reminds me of a story on  where a woman was asking if it was ok to browse through her husband's phone.

Going through ones phone is just a tiny step short of installing a location finder on that person's phone.

What do you think?

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Why do we feel bad when told 'You are adding weight'?

Yes. Why?
Me, you, most people. Women especially.We just dont like it when people say we are getting bigger. Could it be cos we have been made to believe in our subconscious that big isnt nice? that skinny is it? Could it be cos we wish we wouldnt get fat?
I met with some friend over the weekend, we hadnt seen each other in over 5 years. one of us used to be real skinny back in the day. Lo and behold, the day we met, she was fatly fat! It was all i could do not to shout out in shock. As God will have it, i didnt. Someone else did and did she get tongue lashed for it? She went - 'what? so-and-so, what happened to you (like the fat girl had a terminal infection or something) How come you are now this big??? Our former-skinny-but-now-fat friend just gave it back to her instantly! 'what is your business? Do u feed me?What nonsense? You, why are u so skinny? What happened to you? It is how i want to be and it dosent concern anybody'. She went on and on and on. We had to intervene in order not to spoil the reunion. Maybe it was the way the 1st girl presented the 'fat' issue. But i have reaslized that women genrally, dont like been told they are adding weight

I dont think i like it either, though i tell myself before anyone tells me so it doesnt hurt as much.

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Monday 17 October 2011

You can never be JUST FRIENDS with someone you’re in love with.

Hi guys, how was ur weekend? Hope u'all had a good one.

You can never be JUST FRIENDS with someone you’re in love with
That was the facebook status of one of my friends recently. My 1st reaction was 'why'? but on second, more thorough thought, i saw her point.
Ok 2 scenerios
1) You are in love with this person who dosent know you are in love with him/her. who u are friends with but for u, it has gotten beyond the 'simply friends' border but because of who u are, u just cannot find the right way to communicate your feeling to him/her. You guys continue the friendship and u see him/her with other people who get close to him/her romantically. you feel bad. how can you keep hanging around, hurting urself more??? one of 2 things - either you come out and say 'Guy/babe, i am in love with u' or you take a walk. either way, you guys arent just friends
2) You are dating this person and for one reason or the other, you guys decide to stop dating (either amicably or after a big fight). One person is still in love with the other. The other says 'let us still be friends'. Okay. You have given this person your time, your body (in most cases) and perhaps, ur money AND you are still in love.But after everthing, he/she wants to just go back to being ur friend. It actually can work (for some people) but that has to be that the 2 people are in different places so they dont get to meet often (if at all). chances are, if and when they do meet, they kick off the fight where they left it off or they forget the fight and remember all the good times had instead and most probably, end up in the sack 'for old times sake'! Either way, u guys arent just friends.

So like i said earlier, after second, more thorough thought, i now see the sense in my friend's FB status.

Happy new week to you all, my friends

Wish u the very best of the week


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Thursday 13 October 2011

What excatly is all the rivalry and competition for?

In the office,one staff wants to outshine others and even drag them down in the process. People go out of their way to be noticed as the 'star' not minding whose ox is gored. Some even plot ways to f**k the other up completely.
As kids, one sibling rats his/her sister/brother out on every little incident just so he/she can be known as the 'good child' at home. As grown ups, the sibling rivalry dosent end. It continues. Competition about who wears the nicest clothes, who dates the cutest guy, who has the more loaded boyfriend. even up till who gets married first.
Sometimes, competition is without bad blood, just something people do (for fun even!). Could be healthy when properly done. But most times, it is with so much ulterior motives and bad intentions especially the kind found in offices. Areas one is supposed to help the other to get the job done is ignored just so that one can make a fool of him/her self and be ridiculed.
Rivalry. You see it everywhere

This post was inspired by a thread i saw in this website i like going to . A lady was asking what to do about her two kids (9 & 7) who were alsways competing against each other. I read through other people's comments and could relate 100% with them!

Wednesday 12 October 2011

That didnt just happen!!!!

OMG!  'Gbese'!!!
Out with the boss, walking behind him when its noticed - an ant crawling on his buttocks. Like a good person  (not wanting the boss to get stung in the ass, even though he may deserve it) you try hitting off the insect gently trying not to attract boss's attention. 
Just about to, boss suddenly stops so the distance of his ass to ur hand is mis-judged and 'kpai!' u end up slapping boss hard on his ass!!! He turns and gives u that 'you are dead!' look. You freeze, looking as stupid as is humanly possible
Chei, wetin i wan do???

Monday 10 October 2011

Everything happens for a reason. Does it really?

We often hear 'thats the way its meant to be', 'it happened for a reason', 'it was not meant to be' etc.
I, as a person, firmly believe that NOTHING happens to me which isnt for my good. I just believe that. even when something not good happens to me (i have had my fair share) i believe they all are the different steps leading up to my ultimate gain. I am not talking about only heavenly gain now, i mean even gain on earth.

I wouldnt lie though, sometimes i seriously begin to think 'what if i had done this differently, would things have turned out better for me?', 'what if i made this decision instead of that, would i have been better off?' I sometimes wish that i could, for a minute, just see tommorrow so at least i can make informed decisions. But that is just wishful thinking. We are left to make decisions with lessons of the past and other people's experiences which most times dont give us the desired result (or so we think)

We just live, not knowing what would have happened if we had left the house 5 minutes later (or ealier), if we had taken third mainland bridge instead of eko bridge, if we had if we had stopped for fuel in this filling station instead of that one, if we had said this instead of that. We cant know what would have happened, all we know is what is happening which sometimes isnt what we would have loved to happen.

What am i even saying sef? I just feel very 'not knowing' right now. One of those things.

Have a lovely week people.


Tuesday 4 October 2011

Me? Versatile blogger? Yayyyy!!!

Priscy you are the bomb!!!

I feel like i just won the grammy's (yeah, that high). A dear blog friend (priscy) has deemed me fit to be called a versatile blogger. I am somewhat new in the blogville, that should give u a little idea as to why i am so overjoyed.

Now, one of the requirements for recieving this award is to tell 7 things about urself, so here goes:

1) I love polite and courteous people and try so hard to be too.
2) I am very outspoken. People love me for it, some others dont (too bad)
3) I have a dimple on just one cheek!  (yeah, weird)
4) I honestly wouldnt mind meeting Tuface one on one (love the guy's music to bits)
5) I used to wish (and still sometimes do) that i learned teakwando or karate as a child so i can defend some defenceless people cos i HATE injustice with a passion!
6) I recently found out this site, wivesroundtable ,  and have been going there to vent! (pheww, and it has really been refreshing as well as entertaining)
7) I am in love with 2 guys and dont know what to do!!!!!

That was not quite easy (and i thought i knew myself, lol)

Anyway, thats about it and i thank all you bloggers for making blogging interesting,entertaining and educating.


Good luck to a good friend

A very good friend and a colleague just left us for future pursuits. He left to further his education in Europe. Since he left, i have been feeling very low.
The way one person can affect another.
He is a very very nice guy, always ready to help out with work loads in the office (that aspect i will miss so very much), very jovial and fun loving. Intelligent to go with it.
He was like a brother. Now he is gone, for good anyway but that dosent make me feel any better.
Funny enough, work today has been kind of quiet, evryone minding his/her work and not talking too much. I wonder if it has anything to do with the one who is no longer here.
Anyway, he has arrived his school in europe and he says 'naija is in the last millenium'(his words excatly). he says he couldnt believe his eyes when he stepped off the plane in germany. That MM2 is a farm yard compared to what he saw there. But as correct naija boy, he has to maintain as if he sees stuff like that everyday. he said he almost stood and gaped when he saw 2 men kissing on the road!!!! I could just imagine what would have happened if that sight was beheld here in our beloved country. just imagine walking on a street in orile and 2 guys by the side of the road are kissing. before u say 'jack', multitude for don gather for their head. na God go save them dat day if people no stone dem.
I guess we have a long way to go civilization-wise (but i think being uncivilized in this particular dept. is a good thing) As for our infrastructures matching up with that of developed countries, i guess another millinium will pass us by (not trying to sound pessimistic but given the way things are going)
I miss my friend and i wish him well in his studies and furture endeavours