Saturday 9 March 2013


Hello my lovely people of blogville!
It's really being so long! I have been MIA for so many reasons.

1st, i had a change a career path - from money driven to dream driven. I have now found out that chasing one's dream isnt as easy as it seems while the idea is being formed in the mind. Ol boy eh! it hasnt been an easy something.

But the fact that i am doing it for myself, that it is something i have been wishing i could do and something i love to do - makes it all worth it.

Anyhow, i am back. I missed u guys ooo.

I want to thank Toinlicious, Priscy and Doll for checking up on me in my absence and for being concerned. If only the world had more people like you guys, life will be much easier! Thanks babes!

I hope to be more around henceforth. Hope u all have been doing fine.

Will surely bring u stories of my journey so far soonest.

Love u guys


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  1. As in......i have been wondering where you were. Thank God you are fine. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. welcome back dear....looks like we both took a long leave off blogville. glad to have you back

  3. good to have you back. we missed you

  4. Finally... ha! e don tayyyy!!! good to have you back, missed you very much.

  5. FInally!!!! Welcome back and congratulations!

  6. oh thank u, thank u, oh ye wonderful people! it actually feels good to be back!

  7. welcome back madam and happy new year


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