Tuesday 6 September 2011

Long distance relationships. Do they ALWAYS fail?

Hmmm, one of my friend's boyfriend is leaving for UK for his masters.

I was so happy for her, @ least e mean say the bobo go go get international 'kpali' come back,get better work come marry am (well that is usually the general thought when this kind of thing happens)

My friend thinks differently.

She tells me she is going to break up with him before he leaves. Say she no dey for all this long distance relationships wey people dey take decieve other people. I was trying to make her see that she might be one of the lucky few but she is completely adamant. Apparently, someone in her family got married to a guy in germany. This guy got the girl pregnant and didnt come back to the country for 5years after that. The girl was so depressed and sought on many occasions to either get the man to come home, go to meet him in germany or get the hell out of the marriage. None worked out for her until the guy came home 5 years later to tell her he had heard of her escapades in his absence and that he wanted out! The girl almost committed suicide.

Well my friend says she will not hope on someone abroad. that if he goes and comes back and she is still available and he wants to hook back up, fine. If not, she has made up her mind to set him (and herself) free.

I have heard of failure of long distance relationships. I never prayed for one and thankfully i didnt get one. But then, does it always end in one person's heart breaking?


  1. Just so we remain optimistic, I wont be the person to say that it doesn't exactly work but trust 95% of the times it turns out bitter.

    I have had my own fair share of ruins to distance in relationships, I have had in time past.

    If you ask me I would advice that she gives it a shot you never can tell what fate has instore.

    Ciao x x x x x

  2. I'm in such a situation and i cannot fathom the future. I have made up my mind to relax the union to one of friendship so no one is hurt. personally, i want no commitment and i have made it crystal clear- but the friendship cannot die...


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