Tuesday 23 August 2011

Either a virgin or a prostitute, no grey areas?

I was listening to one radio station last friday on my way home from work. The topic was girls who sleep with men for money AKA prostitutes. The presenter was taking about a certain girl who sent in a message saying she was dying from a deadly indescribable ailment that she probably got from one of the men she has been sleeping with. She was, allegedly, trying to sensitize the public to beware of prostitution as it was a dangerous thing. She was saying that girls that sleep around for money expose themselves, not only to deadly STDs but also to men of the occult world. On and on she went. She said she was a very rich girl with 3 cars, 2 houses in Lagos and 12 million naira in her bank account but that all those couldnt help her now as she was on the verge of death.

Well, people started calling into the show saying all sorts. Some said she was just so da*m unlucky, some said she should donate her wealth to the less priviledge b4 dying, other said she should donate her wealth to them!

One call, however caught my attention 100%. A man called from the UK saying that in his oppinion, she hasnt done anything wrong at all. According to him, it was better to have sex and get wealth to show for it rather than just have sex with some guy u call your boyfriend and have nothing but 'love' to show for it. He went further to say that "there really wasnt any point in not collecting money for sex cos any woman who isnt a virgin and isnt married but is having sex is a prostitute! So she could as well get money in the process"

Can u just imagine the impudence! No grey areas??? What happened to 'being in love and sharing' with someone. What happened to experiencing love? So ladies have to either collect money for sex or NOT have sex at all???? That guy's mind is surely twisted. Silly


  1. I guess that guy is entitled to his opinion. Just as I am for thinking him myopic. Just goes to show you what he thinks of women in general. I wonder if his girlfriend knew that he called in and said that.

  2. That guy is so not well! What does he mean talking about women that way? If that is what he thinks, then it should be so too for men - 'any man not a virgin and is having sex is a prostitute' and i know he MUST be having sex, so pls help me tell him he is a prostitute! Nonsense

  3. err, first time here and I am starting off on the UK man's team! He is not 100% right of course but I can totally feel him. And I dont think he was saying it to denigrate women. I agree that love is the higher ground....but, I also remember thinking like him back in undergrad days when i see girls who were giving it up to the boy in the name of love meanwhile the guy was ill treating them, two timing and milking them for cash too. I used to think rather i gave it up to a guy that will sweeten the deal with lovely tangible presents than give it up for love alone. Talk of love not being blind.

  4. @ Ginger, welcome to amaka's notepad.
    yeah, i get your point but still i think his making it 'either this or that' doesnt seem fair. not everyone who has given it up to someone who didnt lavish tangible gifts on them were treated poorly. More than some have had fun and fruitful relationships that paved way to greater things. If this UK guy thinks this way, then he surely will mistreat any non-virgin he comes across cos he automatically thinks she should be a prostitute who can be treated whatever way as long as she gets paid.


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